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Speak It Into Existence

Have you ever really thought about how powerful your mind, your thoughts really are? You should...the minute you start speaking your goals out loud...


Did You Know: It's said that about 85% people walk in circles while talking on the phone?  

Grass Stains

From personal experience as child and as an adult with a child grass stains can be a pain. So lets talk about a simple easy way to remove them:   S...

Winter Fluff Not Weight Gain

Our image is a bit blurry, however according to an article in the New York Times some say the average person can gain 7-10 lbs or around 1lb!   Hap...

The Theory Behind Black Garments And A Thinner Appearance!

The question Do black clothes really make you look slimmer? The answer The theory is that very dark clothes make your outline less visible in di...

Blue Pumpkins: Interesting Fun Fact

Blue Pumpkins: Interesting Fun Fact

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